My Ballot for CSM 17

Last Update: 2022-06-06

It takes quite some time and reading to make oneself familiar with all the candidates that are running for CSM each year. And I can’t really take away this work from you, but I can link the forum threads of each of my chosen candidates.

Eve is thirty games under a trench coat.

I selected these candidates based on what I think aligns best with my personal way to playing Eve Online: A focus on solo, and small gang PvP, sometimes with NPSI groups, and for a while now also tournaments.

My Personal Ballot for CSM 17

  1. Stitch Kaneland
    Stitch flies with Tuskers. In my book, that alone is a decent indication of a quality pilot. But Stitch Kaneland also stood out over the years and consistently analyzed problems in Eve’s meta and why things happen the way they do. And for good measure, he tends to add ideas for changes.
  2. Arsia Elkin
    If someone combines Faction Warfare and roleplay, Arisa is the one. She almost got elected on the last CSM and got the position mid-term after Progod Legend had stepped down. And somehow it happened. CCP announced what Arsia had campaigned for. Now I think it’s only right that she gets the opportunity to make sure this new system will be implemented as best as possible.
  3. Mark Resurrectus
    Wormholer, btw. The wormhole community needs a representative that can have a look at what CCP’s plans are and tell them if has the potential to ruin something in Anoikis – as it happened more than once in the past.
  4. Phantomite
    This man has some very interesting approaches to the game. Instead of balancing left and right, he’s asking: Why? Why do you want to change a ship? Won’t just another one take its place? Why not change the context instead of the ship?
    I really like these questions and I think it’s an overall plus to have someone ask them.
  5. Gideon Zendikar
    Spectre Fleet FC and seasoned Gnosis Connoisseur, this man knows how to PvP in solo, small and mid-scale groups. I have fought this man in space, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I have lost at the time. Gideon shares a rather clear vision of several topics and identifies problems.
  6. Steve Ronuken
    Every CSM needs to have someone that has an eye on the industry. If someone is qualified for that, it’s Steve, who runs the fuzzworks websites, providing industry tools of all kinds.
  7. Ithica Hawk
    When Ithica isn’t casting or hosting a tournament, he’s flying with Volta and looks at the game primarily from a mid-scale group of players. And I think this view should be very much represented on the CSM because a more diverse landscape of nullsec groups creates more smaller conflicts. And that’s what I like Eve to have more of.
  8. Torval Uruz
    Torvald is just a terrible likable guy. Which is a great pre-condition to make CCP listen to you. He’s also looking at Eve from a solo playing perspective. A hat many more causal players wear in Eve. Good if they are represented.
  9. Kshal Aiderion
    Someone playing Eve for only two years? What can that person possibly contribute to the CSM? Well, a new player POV. Especially since Kshal is helping out New Players as part of her day-to-day gameplay. She knows the pain points of our newbies.
  10. And I don’t have a tenth candidate, but I encourage you to have a look at the other interviews and articles linked down below and decide for yourself.
    Actually, Pandoralica has campaigned himself on my ballot, with his words in this debate.

Content of Others worth checking out:


A recent initiative started by a group of content creators aims to get non-block candidates on the CSM to represent the player base more equally. If that will work? Who knows. They will provide a link that includes their curated ballot in the coming days before the election period.

Major null-blocks are deciding who gets to represent the whole community. Do you think that’s fine? If not, check operation I.B.I.S. supporting independent candidates:

You will be able to vote between 7 June (11:00 UTC) – 14 June (11:00 UTC).

For posterity and whoever is interested, here is what my ballot looked like for the previous CSM 16.

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