The Blog in Numbers – 2018

I always liked to look at graphs and trying to figure out what conclusions one can draw from them. A glimpse behind the scenes. So the first post for 2019 will be a look at the numbers of the past. Surely this is not interesting for everyone, but I consider it as a service post for my fellow bloggers and the interested. I would love to see similar posts from them, if possible. 😉

But before we start digging into the numbers, I want to say thank you. Thanks for making this little side project grow. It really has become my most favorite, digital potplant. And it is actually not that little anymore! I mean, wow. Just look at these numbers!



Well, nearly quadrupled, but I wanted to use this word, because it’s a very nice word. Anyhow, the past year brought nearly 15.000 individual visitors to the blog who looked 37.900 times at different pages. It was liked 52 times and 7 comments were written.
That’s quite an improvement in numbers if you compare this to 2017, with “only” about 8.000 views and 4.800 visitors, numbers really did increase dramatically. 🤯

I have published a similar post in October 2017 that looks at the numbers of the time. A very cool thing to have actually. Now I know why every major outlet does things like it.

You, the Readers

As the WordPress analytics show, the community interested in EVE-stuff really is an international crowd.



Most Wanted


In this image, you can see the top ten posts or pages viewed during 2018. The ones with orange markings were published during 2018, the others are older posts from 2017.

And here is how people did find ‘the greybill’.


About the Search Engines: 9.184 found the blog with google, 142 used duckduckgo and 55 bing. It’s also a bit surprising for me that Twitter didn’t generate more traffic to the blog, since I post screenshots there every day for quite a while now. Maybe I should just include the URL to my blog more often… 😬
If you haven’t followed me on Twitter yet, you may consider clicking here: @thegreybill
I would greatly appreciate it!

Powerhouse r/Eve

The past year also showed the power of r/Eve. The spike in March was nearly solely achieved by a single topic in the reddit sub for EVE Online. I should make some more mobile phone wallpapers…

Thank you

But after all the growth this blog has experienced I want not forget why I initially started blogging. The simple goal was to share my knowledge and stories about EVE Online. To give back a bit of what I receive from this incredible community.

So I say salute you, fellow capsuleer and CCP.
Thank you for stopping by. o7


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