Rogue Drone Event Combat Sites: Algos & Worm

CCP has just launched another event: From 23.09.2021 until the 04.10.2021 you can aquire points by running Combat and Data-Hacking sites. As a reward you can get Boosters that increase your scanning strenght, Agency Boosters, Cerebral Accelerators, and of course SKINs. Check the screenshot gallery below for those. You can find the original news item… Continue reading Rogue Drone Event Combat Sites: Algos & Worm

Safe Travels – A Guide to Nullified Transportation in EVE Online

If you are driving to your space home for Christmas, you need an appropriate vessel. Not only to shield you from dangerous radiance and little stray asteroids, but also fast enough that you don't get stuck in the annoying traffic jams around Jita. So here are some options and tips for safe travels.
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