1v1 Battleship Proving Grounds 🆚

I’ll be honest, I did not get to do too many matches – sixteen, to be precise – due to time restrictions. But every match I did felt like there was always the chance at winning it. The meta felt like a proper rock-packer-scissors scenario. There was no ship or fit that just outdid all the others. Surely some strong fits and variations, but none of them felt overly dominant and the stronger hulls also felt like they still required some solid piloting. Skill-cap was there – which is greatly appreciated.

Overall great conditions for some close and nail-biting matches. I did not record all my matches, but one against Gustav Mannfred* stood out, which I wanted to share. It was an incredible close fight. Gustav kited away with a Raven, while I heated my MWD to chase after him, which built up a lot of heat.

I fall back into terrible clickery druing this fight. Pretty hard to watch myself there…
Rank 57 with 10 wins, 6 losses.

I flew a Typhoon sporting torps reaching to about 28km and a hull-buffer tank. Not like there was an active hull-tank… It also wasn’t my fitting. I shamelessly stole it off Kelon Darklights killboard. My excuse is that I wanted to spend more time in the arena than in fitting simulations. Time was sadly my most precious resource at that weekend.
Although I had some success with every hull I tried, I did not play one fitting often enough to actually master it. And my final placement reflects that: Not great, but decent for what little actual experience I have piloting battleships.

Still, I had fun trying out different hulls like an off-meta Armageddon and overall experimenting around. For that matter, the fitting-restrictions and buffs of the 50th abyssal proving grounds event felt solidly fine-tuned for the format. Seems like someone at CCP indeed is taking notes and puts some time into balancing things out. The restriction to t1 rigs was probably my favorite adjustment compared to the last Battleship format (iirc). That brings me to the next topic:

Price tags 💲

Battleships can still be pricy vessels to PvP with. The mentioned restriction helped reducing the ISK-difference between competitive fittings. As rigs get destroyed with the hull and won’t drop as loot, they can add quite significantly to a ships price tag.
~50 million per large t2 rig to get a competitive active tank on a Hyperion can make people think twice if they really want to spend that ISK. One could get a fully fitted and combat ready T1 cruiser for that as well. The limitations made this a non-factor this time.
Luckily for me, I recently was able to make some decent ISK and could afford to spend a few billions to purchase some hulls and large modules before the event had started. It really is a luxury to be in that position.

Boosters 🥫

You still can use quite a lot of drugs. But in the context of a ship that costs at least 6-10 times as much as a set of boosters, it seems more appropriate.
On that topic: Since Patch 2022-02-24.1, boosters have a meta level. That’s somewhat nice for the more causal arena-enjoyers, as people won’t roll as strong boosters. The one who aims for top placements is of course well advised to smartly combine the various available slots.

Flisker aka Jaruselka Thorne

Source: r/Eve

In the reddit-thread, Jaruselka Thorne also answered a question about what drugs they used – if you remember my last post on the topic, you’ll know I’m interested in that part:

I use what is allowed, so for Foon that would be Improved Exile, Improved Crash, Pyro 7%, Event Agility, Event Signature, Event Repper Cycle, Event Web. Not really expensive, normal price for improved drug is 5mil, pyro was 23, agi/sig/rep t3 booster were like 5/8/6 mil or something like that so.. kinda free… and the web I was stocking up on, buying for 30-40mil a piece before the event.


And an even more important question got answered: What is the IRL booster that keeps a Jaruselka Thorne going in the arena? It is Yerba Mate tea. That must be the real doping. I bet that would get a meta level over 10 if it was in Eve’s database.

Overall a fun event. In retrospect, I wish I could have invested a bit more time in.

*Gustav Mannfred just released a video of his arena-highlights you can watch here.

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