When “-” Annoyed Nullsec

Sometimes things break. Especially after updates. This was one of these occasions: A minor little patch that changed something in the inner workings of Eve had a funky effect on the in game map: The “-” was not recognized by it’s search mechanism anymore.

So when you were looking for a system like “O3-4MN” you would need to type “O3-4” instead of “O3-” which was a problem because on comms people were very used to just using the first three characters and just say “O3-” or even “O3”, but you could not find that with the search if you didn’t know at least “O3-4”.

It required just one more character to relay information and enable navigation of entire fleets.
But combined with people’s habit, trained and catered over literal years, to say only the first three characters plus the resulting need to ask again to get a precise position blew up the problem quite a bit.

Luckily this alienating issue could be solved by a later update and was gone as silently as it came.

Header graphic by eveeye.com.

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