The “Thrasher Boys” of Admiral Silva

In the war between Winter Coalition and Legacy [autumn 2018 to spring 2019] a capsuleer named Admiral Silva was on the Legacy side in a small PvP-focused corporation in Evictus. They were the most active in their alliance and harassed the EU-timezone staging of Winter Coalition in O3-4AM on a regular basis. Their weapon of choice where simple Thrashers. Paired with an Interdictor, bookmarks and sometimes Combat Probes they were very successful.

They would regularly catch people that thought warping a Ratting-Dominix between gates 30+ AU apart would be a good idea. Or the occasional lone doctrine ship coming home late from a fleet. If I recall correctly, they even caught and destroyed a freighter at one time.
Naturally, they harvested a lot of salt from the local chats. It was entertaining to watch, even for me as I was in Winter Co. at the time. Admiral Silva and his hand full of pilots knew how to utilize their ships and when it was time to make a run. One has to at least aknowledge, if not respect that kind of skill.

If you are part of a big bloc, there are always pilots about whose actions you can only shake your head. But no matter how salty local became, Admiral Silva always stayed classy. He would mock people, but it was really just that: mocking with a subliminal wink. His well nuanced comments did not fail to make me laugh more than once. And with his characters portrait already in the right position for the meme, I got the inspiration for editing this image.

The original meme is called ‘SaltBae’,
who is a chef named Nusret Gokce.

No matter how serious space ship business is, or what side you fight in a pixel-war:
Don’t forget to have a laugh. :)

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