The “Real Delve” is not in New Eden

The “Real Delve” is not a place you can find on the in game map.
You can’t really go there. Neither physically nor virtually. If you want to find it, you need to look elsewhere.

Goonswarm’s and The Imperium’s history is a long one. If you are part of them, you may hate me for the comparism I’m about make, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take:
Very much like TESTs Dreddit, Goonswarm shares a similar origin: Both initially draw a significant amount of members from forums. Different ones, but still forums.
With that, both of them brought their own sub-cultures into Eve. And that had and has influx on how they play the game. Of course that changed and evolved over time as players grew older. Just as the number of days they spent together shooting red crosses, munching ores, and building empires.

Both groups have played in the sandbox for multiple years now. Long enough that teenagers and students grew into adults with responsibilities and less time to play video games. Some left, some joined, and came back. Quite a few also met in real life, had beers and laughs together and went full nerd-mode over internet space ships. They shared stories and created very real memories outside of the digital space.

Our Flagship is the frendship.
Get your feet on the floor and defend it.

A line from Warp to the Dance Floor by Permaband.

Eve players know each other. They formed communities. The “friendship machine” as Hilmar likes to call it. I think the name is good marketing, but a bit of an overstatement too.

Still, surviving in Eve’s null security space is a strong incentive to create and refine an identity for your group. Tribalism is intended and encouraged by game mechanics. Creating a culture and strong ties between members is not unique to Goons or TEST or any other group either – though they are prominent examples.
If you look around, you can find it in a lot of the long existing groups in Eve. Especially the ones that went through rough times together.

The communication often happens more outside than inside of the Eve client. TeamSpeak, Mumble, Jabber, Discord, mobile apps, various forums… you can engage with your group of space friends very well without logging in for a very long time.

The “Real Delve” is not somewhere on the map.
It’s culture, a shared history and memories.
A community, formed by it’s people.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with either theimperium (nospace) nor papai (no caps).
This is just the humble opinion of a wormhole meercat that likes to shoot them all.

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