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Six Years of Change

If you think about dusting off your F1 key and undocking again, this post is for you: I went over the long list of dev blogs and update news to filter for the most important changes of the past six years you should know about.
I tried to leave out any obsolete and not mechanically relevant information like ship redesigns, graphic or performance updates. But if you think I forgot anything relevant, please let me know in the comments!

2014 “Thera is not a Wormhole”

  • The skill queue is unlimited now (previously capped at 24h).
  • Thera got introduced. A massive system of 340 AU diameter that spawns a ton of wormhole-connections to all kinds of space. Look up Eve Scout to find your closest one. It also has a couple Sisters of Eve stations you can dock and play station games at.
  • Polarized Weapons: Get a huge buff on damage potential but lose all your resistances.
  • Clone Upgrades: Gone. No need to upgrade your clone anymore. You keep all your skill points when getting podded. The exception are T3 Cruisers: You will lose a random skill-level one of their sub system skills.
  • Mining Frigate: Prospect. It’s a cloaky Venture.
2014 was also the year the probably most watched EVE Online trailer of all time released.
Over 7 million views as I am typing.

2015 Spool the Boosh

Sadly there did not that much more happen. But the Drifters are still around and may play a role in current Triglavian things.

2016 Alpha & Omega

2017 PvE & T3C Changes

2018 Armor HACS!

15 years of Eve
Rage – Home wormhole of Hard Knocks got invaded and the first ever built Keepstar was destroyed.

2019 The Triglavian Collective

Thanks for reminding me, EctoplasmOne. That’s indeed a good thing to know.
And the Pirate NPC mining fleets in nullsec will pod you too.
Triglavians leak into highsec for the first time.

2020 Yeet!

More Triglavian Invasions.

Not included are the upcoming changes after 29.09.2020.

Additional Notes

Thanks for reading, I hope this was helpful to you. And please let me know if I have missed anything relevant!