The Blood Sacrifice

It was an Angel Haven where the NPC’s spawn some seconds after someone warped in. When I landed, I already saw the Gila coming out of warp. My Frigate decelerated faster than the cruiser and I was ready to go as soon as he became targetable. As a ratting Gila should be, he was afterburner fitted and could only go ~600 m/s at top speed. No way to escape my Garmur with a tackling range of 39km and 4.500 m/s cold.

Naturally, I held him there and shot Mjolnir Light Missiles into his buffer tank. The rats helped me. His Valkyrie II drones had a max speed of ~3.000 m/s. I just had to orbit him at 30km and I would be fine. His drones would never catch me.

He had no missile launchers fitted either. Which would have been the only thing that could have forced me off eventually. The Gilas shield goes down slowly, eventually reaching 30%. This is where his passive regeneration will be the strongest. I overheat my launchers to try to push him below that. The Angel NPC’s are still helping me and he’s going down to 23%! Should he really break? I keep hitting dscan at 5 AU to see what comes in. There are five other pilots in local.

A Crow comes in at 100 km – and instantly warps off again.

Gila is still tackled, but gains distance on the NPC’s with his afterburner, mitigating some damage. I have to stop heat on my launchers. I want to save some for that Crow that might come back. An Interceptor with a warp scrambler could be an actual danger to me. The speed is the only thing that keeps me from getting one-shot by the Valkyries on steroids.

Instead of the Crow, another Gila warps in.

tackling gilas with garmur
What’s hitting a 4.5km/s Garmur better than one Gila? Yes! Two Gilas!

Well, I should be able to kite that one as well. The bigger problem where that the Angels were switching their DPS over to Gila number two. Damn! The first Gila starts to regenerate his shield. Gila two seems to be fitted the same. His Valkyrie II’s are on me, which I can kite forever. He also has no launchers fitted, or never decides to shoot me.

I could have swapped to the second Gila, but the NPC’s where relatively far off now. Gila two seemed to take very little damage. Maybe with enough patience…

That’s when I had a funny thought: If the Gilas just would have started ratting like usual and built up transversal instead of burning away in a straight line, they could have tanked the NPC’s and my DPS just fine while also reducing incoming damage. They could not have killed me, as I could not have killed them. A classic draw.

But this didn’t happen. Instead, this pilot decided to warp in his Salvaging-Sunesis. (The SotC Destroyer hull, very good for that job by the way.)
Giving my Garmur something to swap his point and missiles to and actually kill. Meanwhile he was able to warp out the expensive ratting ships.

A blood sacrifice was made.


We exchanged a “gf” and parted ways.

I can just assume this was one pilot that was multi-boxing. But if he/she was, I can have respect for that.

A nice eve-moment for me and probably for him/her as well for saving the Gilas.

This story was originally posted on Twitter. If you would like to see more Eve-related content, consider following me over there: @thegreybill.

Thanks for reading. o7

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