The Battle for Detorid

The current war between Legacy Coalition – led by TEST Alliance Please Ignore and Winter Coalition – led by Fraternity. has reached a climax last weekend at the 6th. and 7th. April. TEST managed to place three Cynosural System Jammers (cyno jammers) in each system of the constellation 4SRW-B, including the strategically significant system of IAS-I5 which is one of the gateway systems leading to the economically flourishing core of Detorid.

operation crouching cynos hidden dinos
TEST proofs capabilities of creative naming with “Operation Crouching Cynos Hidden Dinos”

Prehistory of the current conflict

I want to give you a bit more background about how all of this happened. As so often, it’s a summary of smaller things accumulating that are climaxing in such a big fight. I believe it’s fair to say, that the spark that lit the fire came from Tenerifis.

A new, mainly Russian Coalition established themselves there in the last months of 2018 with the help from Legacy Coalition. I have not heard or read a name for them yet, so I will just refer to them as the Russian Coalition (RuCo) for now. Main members of them are X.I.X., RED, MI22, -RZR-, CENTI, BSOD, DV, INFO, SB-SQ and probably more I just don’t know of.

As from an outside perspective, RuCo seems to be a more loosely bound group that mostly share a partly common history – including conflicts with each other, language and the fact, most of them live in Tenerifis. They have established a respectable Ansiblex Jumpgate network over the region with their staging in YF-P4X, allowing them and their allies to travel quickly over the whole region.

Tenerifis is not enough

In a recording of a coalition meeting with RED, XIX, DV and SB-SQ it’s the call to rally all the Russian entities together under the cause of conquering Detorid and evicting Fraternity and their allies. Looking at the pure numbers both groups can muster, it seems like a bold claim. Indeed did Detorid experience an increasing number of Russian activity in their southern parts in the form of roaming gangs and fleets. But the RuCo did not try to anchor structures or entosis sovereignty installations.
But as you already may have guessed it: Legacy Coalition was about to join them with this endeavour and would shift the weight towards their favour. If Winter Coalition would have stood alone that is. But with the old “the enemy of your enemy is my friend” principle, combined with the promise of content it appeared there were more people willing to fight for Detorid than helping to invade it as the battle of the last weekend has shown.

The End of the NIP

The trigger that ended the NIP (Non-Invasion Pact) between WinterCo and Legacy* and held until the last days of March 2019 was the anchoring of a neutral structure in Evictus.-space in Immensea (which is part of Legacy). As a fleet from Evictus. (IOU) was about to shoot it down, a WinterCo fleet interfered with this as an opportunity for content. Now TEST claimed that this was a violation of the NIP and the corp that had anchored this Raitaru would be an alt-corp of Fraternity.. WinterCo Leadership denies that. This claim certainly looks strange because the corporation in question tried to anchor multiple Raitarus in different regions of the South/East, including Detorid and Scalding Pass which is Fraternity.-space.

*RuCo is not officially part of Legacy, but very blue to them.

Structure Warfare Intensifies

It took TEST a few more weeks after they cancelled the NIP with WinterCo to get their war machine rolling. But after that there where an increasing amount of Astrahuses and Raitarus to be seen anchoring in Fraternity.-space. Russian and Legacy fleets increasingly roamed Detorid looking for content and attacking vulnerable infrastructure.

“Operation Crouching Cynos Hidden Dinos”

The goal of this plan was obviously to establish a bridgehead in Detorid by taking the iHub in IAS-I5, gain control over cyno jammers and enable to bring in Legacy capital forces, staged in Immensa. And the plan was actually pretty good:
TEST managed to gain control over three cyno inhibitors in each system with the help of spies installing and transferring them. With one of the main stagings of Winter Coalition in O3-4MN just one constellation gate away, IAS-I5 would have been a great place to start a siege.

But Legacy did not manage to defend any of their cyno jammers in the constellation, despite having a standing fleet trying to react to them being attacked. Also, the timezone seemed not to have been in their favour. Adding to that, the structures were sent into low power mode right when the iHub-Upgrades were disabled by Fraternity. – who still held all the sovereignty in the area. This made the structures much easier to kill for the defenders.

4SRW-B Constellation ingame map
The 4SRW-B Constellation in Detorid

As a result, barely any capitals were able to be deployed from the attackers’ side and their sub-capital forces had to take the heavily defended regional-gate from O5Q7-U into RT-9WL or take a long detour over FR46-E which would have cost them a lot of time. And time was running through their fingers as the vulnerability timer of the iHub of IAS-I5 was ticking down.

Eventually, they had to take a move, or stand down and admit a defeat without even fighting. Legacy command decided to split their forces and send one of their battle-proven Harpy fleets around to intrude the constellation from FR46-E. The defending forces of WinterCo also divided their forces, took only one jump and a warp to meet Legacy and the RuCo on the FR46-E gate in SAI-T9. Two Apostle class Faux Ancillaries took the gate with a big Machariel fleet flown by pilots of the new Russian Coalition with admittingly impressing numbers. An Eagle fleet from Evictus. engaged as well.
Alongside WinterCo’s Eagle fleet stood Pandemic Horde in Munins and Jackdaws, and skill urself as well in Eagles. Over 1600 capsuleers (BR) fought in this battle while the remaining Legacy force pushed into 62O-UE and O5Q7-U where WE FROM V0LTA accomplished an insane 3rd party bomb run on a Nightmare fleet.

Amazing Bombrun from WE FROM V0LTA

Despite this heavy losses, Legacy forces pushed further into the constellation, but were put a halt in RT-9WL were a WinterCo Tempest Fleet was waiting for them alongside some carriers and dreadnoughts, shooting everything that came in from a safe distance.

Goonswarm, who decided to be an ‘honourable third party’ in this fight with a fleet of Megatron and Bhaalgorn class battleships dared to take the gate into RT-9WL a bit after TEST was forced back out again. Maybe they hoped to get on the killmails of Legacy Minokawas who where reapproaching the gate after their fleet was down.
Of course, they landed in bubbles after jumping the gate and as soon as they tried to get back to the gate, they got “barbequed alive“:

During these fights, RAZOR bombers managed to destroy some ships of the Tempest fleet while the timer of the Infrastructure Hub (iHub) ticked down. Attempts of lone pilots to entosis nodes were stopped by a small WinterCo task force in and around IAS-I5 while the main fleets still battled for superiority on the gates. The whole constellation was a which’s cauldron.

After days of preparation and hours of fighting, Detorid still stood tall. The fights will continue another day and the future will tell how this war progresses. Will Legacy and the Russians be able to maintain their morale longer than Winter Coalition? When will supers be committed to the field? There is no doubt both sides have the resources for another record-breaking battle. But if one side is willing to escalate at that scale remains to be seen.


Update 13.04.2019
As I hear, the new Russian Coalition calls itself “FI.RE” short for “Final Reunion”.


What’s your opinion on this? Do you think Fraternity & friends will be able to hold Detorid? Will the Russian Coalition hold together longer than their history may suggest? Let me know in the comments!


Russian State of the Coalition (EN part)
Lance Doomsday
A High-Resolution Picture of the Lance
Titan Pilot Killboard
AAR by Titan Pilot (caution, contains irony)
Battle report of WE FROM V0LTA on the TEST Nightmare Fleet
VOD provided by EVELog

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