CCP Lebowski Presents Ship Redesings at EVE Down Under

We got a glimpse at them in previous presentations but now CCP Lebowski officially presented all the hulls which will get new looks soon™ – no date has been mentioned yet.

Here is a little gallery to compare the current models with the upcoming ones. The pictures of the new models are screenshots, taken directly from the Twitch stream and therefore have limited quality. Sorry for that. The pictures of the current models where taken from the EVE_NT DESIGNER. (Click at the ship name in the caption to view the image in full size)

Badger, T1 Caldari Industrial
Tayra, T1 Caldari Industrial
Crane, T2 Caldari Blockade Runner
Bustard, T2 Caldari Deep Space Transport
Ship Redesign Caldari Industirals
Caldari Industrial Ship Redesign – Size Comparison

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think the redesigned Caldari ships look great. Even better than my trusty old Amarrian Prorator which I fly for nearly 3 years now. I seriously consider adjusting my skill queue to train Caldari Industiral to V.

Navitas, T1 Gallente Logistics Frigate
Thalia, T2 Gallente Logistics Frigate

If you want to see the whole presentation check out the capture of the live stream on the EDU Live Twitch channel: Jump to 02:25:30 for the ship redesigns. In the stream you can also see some of the warp animations. Particuallary the one for the Bustard is worth mentioning.

Have a nice day & fly safe.


Update 20.07.2018: The new models can now be looked at on Singularity.
(Officcial Tweet below)


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