-ARC- Art Contest: Drifters

Once again the Arataka Research Consortium has called for creation. This time the cause is to  unite New Eden against a most dangerous foe: Drifters.

Here is the thread about it on reddit.

I thought about actions the empires might take to face the threat and of course… recruitment. The result is an ad published by the Caldari Navy, offering jobs to all qualified fighter pilots who can steer a Dragonfly into battle. Read the advert find out more.

calling all fighter pilots - caldari navy

But because the ad alone felt to simple I put it into a scene. Klick the links below to see them in full resolution.

Fighter Pilots Scene 1.png

Direct links: PNG & PDF of the advert / PNG & PDF of the Szene (not a DIN-format, sorry)


UPDATED 30.07.2018: Winner where announced. I made it to the second place! Yay! :)


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