The Dead German Podcast

Not so much dead anymore it seems! The German EVE community has become much more active when it comes to podcasts during 2017. The first one startet early this year was a Podcast by Amon Schi. Sadly after two episodes, each packed with a ton of topics, it hasn’t been continued.

Nearly at the same time the EVE Online Podcast was launched. So far it made it to eight episodes. But since I had the honor to be guest in the last one, I haven’t heard a sign of life from them.
Fingers crossed. I really like the unorthodox, nearly role playing style of it. <3
UPDATE 07.10.2017: I just recently got news that responsible people are currently abroad and the podcast is taking a break but is planned to continue in November 2017.
UPDATE 26.03.2018: Nothing so far.

And finally the one that made me write this little post: The New Eden Podcast, of course also in German. I was asked by Alex (Ciri Bliss), author of the podcast, to create a cover/logo for it. Well, here it is:

podcast cover_v3_ohne-episode


If you are looking for other podcasts I recommend the website to you. It gives you a summary and RSS feeds of a whole bunch of recorded individuals talking about EVE related stuff.
Some with astonishing output. You never have to listen to the sound of silence again!


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