CO2 Coup: “Judgement Day” – A Summary of Sources

This post shall be a summary of quality sources that give you insight in the happenings of the night of 11.09.2017 when The Judge‘s actions caused the disbanding of the nearly 4000 members counting alliance Circle of Two (CO2).
It’s intended for the interested and as a record for the future.

Video Summary by Jin’Taan:

If you are in a hurry you can just check out this video: Judgement Day //12.09.2017

If you want to know more continue reading.

Live Ticker & Statement – r/Eve

Starting of with a thread from the reddit sub forum r/Eve. Written in a live ticker styled summary of the happenings by Cornak. It gives a good idea how heated the situation must have been:
CO2 is now COCoup //11.09.2017

Shortly after that a statement from The Judge was posted – also via reddit:
A message from The Judge to Circle-Of-Two + Look what you made me do (ASK ME ANYTHING!) //11.09.2017

The Heist Live (on Twitch)

These two posts together with the last half of this Twitch stream from the Talking in Stations Podcast gives you probably a good overview of the whole thing:
Talking In Stations – Live about C02 breakup //11.09.2017
Also here is the part of The Judges stream that led to gigX ban: Clip on Twitch.

INN – Voices of Revenge

Some more background why The Judge switched sides gives this post from Imperium News Network (INN):
CSM Metagame: Aryth flips Judge //12.09.2017

To see this article in the bigger picture it helps to know the following:
1. The INN is mostly operated by members of Goonswarm Federation (GSF).
2. CO2 leadership decided during “World War Bee” not to fight against the invaders which where already knocking on their door – despite they where allies with GSF. Left standing in the rain by CO2 and already under heavy pressure, Goonswarm and their remaining allies lost the conflict and their space.

Crossing Zebras & an Apology

I also recommend this article from Crossing Zebras, including an apology from, (at this time banned) leader of Circle of Two, gigX himself:
Betrayal vs. Redemption //13.09.2017

Kotaku – Meta-Level: CSM

You get a very graphical picture when reading this post published by Kotaku:
How EVE Players Pulled Off The Biggest Betrayal In Its History 13.09.2017

EVE24 – From a Technical Point of View

This article tells you why this actions where so devastating for the efforts of Circle of Two and why there is no coming back possible in the near future:

It’s fair to say the coup, which was masterfully executed by the Judge didn’t only end a war, but was probably one of the most lucrative and simultaneously the most destructive events in EVE history.



UPDATE: 19.09.2017

You might have also been coming over the “wizard hat incident” while you where reading about gigX being banned.
Close to the end of this video by IGN from 2015 you can re-watch this:


I hope you found this helpful.
Fly safe. o7

3 thoughts on “CO2 Coup: “Judgement Day” – A Summary of Sources”

  1. Out of curiosity, what about my article requires knowing about the revenge narrative? I mean, the revenge angle is definitely part of events, I’m just wondering what in the piece on INN wasn’t clear without it.


    1. I just wanted to give additional background to someone who might not know the history of GSF and CO2 are sharing. I thought this might help to see the bigger picture.
      But you are right the phrasing could be better. I’ll correct that.
      Your article was quite clear, I think.


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