How Ships come to Live in EVE Online

This post is a little collection of video content where CCP is showing some of their work to the community. Enjoy!

Concept Art & Game Design

In the following video is CCP Acid Burn explaining the approach on re-designing the Caldari Cormorant.

A more detailed look at the whole process gives this 40 minute video where also CCP Larrikin as a game designer gives insights how ideas are found and thought over.

Have you red the description of the video on Youtube? ;)

3D Modelling

As charming as CCP Guard’s drawing is… not quite.

The following link will lead you to a recording from Twitch showing how CCP BunnyVirus creating a 3D model with the software Modo. Take note that CCP Pointy Bits is answering questions in the chat too. It’s worth keeping an eye on that.

A little gallery of recent concept art


VFX, Animation & More

If you are more interested in the VFX/GFX side or/and animations of the game I recommend you check out this video – also from last EVE Vegas in 2016. CCP Bluescreen and CCP Myrkur going into that stuff.
Be warned, it’s much more technical than the design phase. Oh, right; I forgot when you are reading this chances are that you play spreadsheets in space yourself. I’m optimistic you will like it. =)


For my part I find this whole process to create something based just on an idea very interesting. And am actually doing this myself with this post right now. Had the idea, went looking up the sources, double checked them, wrote the whole thing and voilà! A new post to be published.


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