New Forums; New Rules

The EVE Forums swapped clothes. Running with the software Discourse the forums work really well on mobile devices now. It’s very different to the old one of course. The flat design reminds on the one used for the game launcher and will need people to get used to over time. Some critics claim the design is to close to Twitter – for their taste.

certificateI strongly recommend you do the like 10 minutes of tutorial to get your personal certificate. You can start it after login by clicking on your profile and the “Greetings!”-Message from discobot.

Also very useful to know is that pressing “?” is showing the list of shortcuts. And there actually quite a few!


New Rules

With the visual change comes a change of policy:

For the launch of these new forums, we’ve undertaken a complete review of the forums rules and how we utilize and enforce our moderation policy, with a view to relaxing things and promoting more open and liberal discussion. To that end, the forum rules have been significantly simplified and condensed down from a total of 36 rules, to 9.

You can see the new forum rules here.

This raises hopes that people who found the relatively strict moderation of the old forum too restrictive and went off to (e.g.) reddit’s r/Eve now might come back.

According to CCP Falcon the plan is to reduce official communication on reddit in the future an communicate on the newly created own plattform. A bot will still copy-paste official announcements over to reddit, but the discussion shall benefit from taking place mainly in the official forums.


All in all I’m looking forward to posting there.


Here is the Devblog with all the little details.
And don’t forget to check out the new forums yourself!
It can be found here for now:

The URL will be changed to the usual at a later date.

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