The Day I became a Billionaire

It was the last day of August in the year YC118 (2015) when I became space rich. Before this day, my wallet was far from reaching even half a billion.
For some people billions aren’t much anymore, I know. But for me two years back, it was unbelievable much. And a billion is still quite a bunch for me.

DISCLAIMER: Before I keep going, let me warn you. This is not about betrayal, not about backstabbing nor robbing or scamming someone.

Now. Let me tell you how I got to this fortune. Actually it was very simple: I won a lottery.
But not some random etsybitsy-dingdong-thing. I won the longest running lottery that exits in New Eden. It is years older than my (ingame) self. Nearly as ancient as the stars themself (est. 2003). And I, lucky bastard, happen to win the main price of this lottery with only 2 million ISK spent to participate. My chances where really little compared to most others who have bought tickets for like 200 million.

Some of the older players could have guessed it by now. I won draw #321 of the BIG Games Lottery. I know I must have felt a bit like this guy here plus a reeeeeeaaally big, dumb smile on my face.

Screenshot of the history of draws from the BIG Games Lottery website.

This win got me going and enabled me to move to NullSec, to buy decent ratting ships and to get my hands bloody in PvP for the first time.
Also the community that attends to every drawing in the ingame channel is one of the kindest and funniest (in a positive way) I have seen in EVE so far. You should definitively stop by if you have the time on every second Monday at 18:00 EVE time. Details on times and how to participate can you find by clicking here. There are also sponsored draws in the channel.

Big Games - winner
I also won a Startios and a skin for the Abbadon Battleship that day. Lucky me!

But that’s not the end.

In YC119 there was the casino and gambling platform called “I Want ISK” – the website is actually still online. I didn’t really win something on the site itself where you spent your ISK from the game in slot machines and other stuff.
But the owner of the site who called himself 1ronBank did regular live streams on where one could win prices from tragic small to billions big. You can get an idea of how that looked and sounded like by watching this video.

The twitch stream of 1ronBank.

To be honest, I didn’t enjoy these streams too much. As a result I rarely took part in this. But this stream happened to be another place where I was lucky.
I was drawn, chose a box and won a Rhea.
A Caldari jump freighter which I could not fly, of course. So I sold it; Directly on the market. A few hundred million brokers fee? Ha! Peanuts!
Thanks, 1ron.

But not long after this CCP decided to change their EULA. A lot of drama happened on reddit, in forums and coms. Because with that change CCP basically made all the third party sites that used ingame ISK illegal.

You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.

Bam. Not all of them went down from one day to another, of course. But some accounts where closed right after the announcement which where accused of RMT (real money trading) – a violation of terms. This included some of the folks, responsible for I Want ISK, also the account of 1ronBank. Suddenly trillions of fluid ISK where taken out of the game. What impact this much ISK in the hands of a small group can have on the game had shown the Casino War or World War Bee during summer 2016 (just google that). The issue of RMT is present in nearly any online game of a given size and usually just prohibited.

Other sites got time until the EULA changes became effective which where the launch of the Ascension update in late 2016.

Every 3rd party gambling site was shut down or transformed into free giveaways. This also is what BIG Games became. You don’t need “buy” tickets anymore by sending ISK somewhere, you just send a Mail in game to take part. And it’s still going.

What did I do with all that money?

I’ll first tell you what I didn’t do with it. I didn’t loose it on a scam. Nor did I buy tons of ships and lost them all in PvP. I did not inject skills. I didn’t fund my subscription with them. PLEX was a interesting idea, but I rather kept my wealth in game.

Actually I still have most of this money. A lot of it in assets, though. And a lot of it will go in assets in the future. Since I moved from NullSec in a Wormhole fleet doctrins consist of T2 and T3-Cruisers. Now is the time I can make good use of those ISK I did not spent for two years.

Damn, I just realized I am at the point now where I dreamed to be when I first started out playing. I can fly a Zealot with nearly any possible fitting which was my dream when I ventured through EVE and asked nooby questions in the forums.
Now I am one of those who answer those questions and refund young explorers I blew up somewhere in spooky space…

Time flies when you have fun.

P.S.: If you are new to the game and are now all excited about gambling and stuff: Read about these scam-methods. It might save (or make?) you your ISK.

Fly safe.

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