Trying to Explain

You can find the original thread here.

why do all german alliance have to be cringy as fuck?

Well, let me try to answer that, Justanothershitpostr.

From my point of view it’s rather simple: Most of the reasonable german people are able to adapt in international communities. If at all, they don’t stand out as for their nationality but for what they do in the game – like all the other people playing EVE. Take Killah Bee* ans example: FC for Pandemic Legion, running for CSM12 and German.

The ones who can’t or won’t adapt, form their own organisations. But in a game like eve, you actually can not be successful without communicating in English at a certain level. LUMPY for example does that right. But if shitty propaganda like this one here, is the only communication you provide in English, you already have screwed up your PR on an international level. Congrats on that.

What really hurts me seeing all this generalizations in this reddit thread.

It hurts me because I know others will judge a whole nation by such posts, despite they should know better.

If you are able to loose in EVE and still be a gentleman doesn’t depend on your f*cking nationality! It’s every single persons own call.
It has a lot to do with maturity and the ability to treat a game as a game.

In fact, maybe that’s the problem. A lot Germans tend to take things they do very seriously. They want to be good at what they do. Not excluding myself there. It took me a long time during my youth until I saw pixels as what they actually where: imaginary worth in a game. Nothing you achieve there in numbers will have any benefit for you in real life. The amount of ISK you have or the blingyness of the ship you fly don’t make you a better person. What you achieve on a social level in EVE, on the other hand, can actually have impact.

People calling others “Hacker” and “unfair” haven’t come to that conclusion yet, it seems.
Games are games after all. You should have initially started to play them to have fun. If you are getting mad and salty over it, you – no matter your playstyle – do something wrong.

In fact all I wanted to say is: Never generalize. There is always an exception.


Actually Killah Bee was talking about this topic on The Meta Show not long ago:


Fly safe.

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