The Short Story of EVE Alliance 99005866

Renaming in EVE Online actually happens on a daily basis: Characters called (e.g.) Adolf Hitler to Amarr Citizen [GENERIC NUMBER] is common practice – for characters. Not so for an alliance existing since 2015.

This happened a few days ago to Just Let It Happen. They where renamed into EVE Alliance 99005866 temporarily, until they would found an other name. This seemingly radical change of CCP’s interpretation of the EULA was indeed surprising. But remembering the actions against out of game casinos in 2016, not totally unthinkable.

A redditor claimed to have sent the petition which led to the rename. She justified this as follows:

You crossed paths with a sexual assault survivor w/PTSD who stood up for herself and other victims of rape culture. I submitted the ticket asking CCP to enforce the EULA.

“You may not use any abusive, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, harassing, harmful, hateful, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, threatening or vulgar language.”

Not going to argue, but you deserve to know what happened.


Raising this single part of the EULA alone is making this a very delicate case. The simple reason is that there are actually heaps of corporations and alliances that all can be interpreted in an offending and/or sexual way – if you want to.

To stick to this (new) much more strictly interpretation of the EULA, CCP would suddenly have to rename a LOT of entities of all sizes. Surely not making much friends in the process.

Naturally, the community responded in a huge outcry. Forums where full of threads blaming censorship and CCP patronizing it’s customers. But also listing potential candidates for renaming. You can get an basic idea of the discussion by just following CCP_Falcons posts in the concerning reddit thread.

Shortly after Just Let It Hapen got it’s original name back.


Looks like a decision was reached to restore FUM8’s name to Just Let It Happen. Thanks to everyone that supported us in having our identity returned to us, and thank you to CCP for what must have been a difficult decision given pressures from both sides of the debate.

Just to be clear, we don’t promote or endorse sexual violence in any way. Spaceship violence, on the other hand… well. Just let it happen.


So, is it already “rape culture” if  a group who like to play with internet spaceships give them self a name, open to interpretation?

Here is a commenting masterpiece by Manic Velocity, answering this question probably much better than I ever could:

tl;dr: Watch the video. And maybe read this comment too.


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