16 months of SOV

In EVE Online major power-blocks are fighting over space to put their name on. It’s NullSec: Lawless, wild, and deadly for any solo pilot. But for organized groups it’s the opportunity to claim their own piece of New Eden; To become landlords, demand “rent” from others; To fill their wallets with sweet, sweet ISK.

They call it Sovereignty.

And there is a website – like there is for nearly anything in this game –  which shows who owns what space: sov.space

The user @bananax took the time to row up hundreds of these daily generated pictures in a gif. You can click on it, to enlarge, slow, and pause the animation. It shows impressively how big blocks of power lose their grip, emerge again somewhere else or just disappear.

Behind every change, on this map stands a fight. A story to be told. Sometimes trillions of destroyed assets. Tears and rage. The internal struggle of leadership. Propaganda. Betrayal. Devastating defeats and glorious victories.

Sometimes you even hear about this in the news, when hundreds or even thousands of pilots clash. That’s the moment when media sums up the theoretical real-life currency that got blown apart. Back into the pixels it was all made of.

A remarkable one is with no doubt how the Goonswarm Federation (on the map in bright, yellow, upper left) was pushed out of the north during “World War Bee”; Also referred to as the “Casino War”. These realms where their home for years but it was taken from them in a few months’ time. Of course, others took their place. And so did Goonswarm. Defeated but not destroyed, they claimed SOV in the south. Conquering the region of Delve as their new home. Only time will tell if they can stand that ground equally long as they held the north.

But in the end, it’s just a game.
Still, a fascinating one.

Via r/Eve.

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