My personal assets

I am very into a having a sorted and organized hangar. That’s why I use a lot of containers. I just hate having a mess. When that itch is getting to strong I rally up and challenge myself to spend an evening or two unmessing my personal assets.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to work very well. Always when I try out new stuff, I end up in a new location, leaving a ship behind. Fit for that only purpose. Well, maybe I might need it sometime again. Lets take mission running which I tried once, to push my standing for the Caldari Navy. Yea, you guessed it – saving tax at Jita. ;)
I rushed from tier 1 to tier 4 missions in less than a week. From an Algos to a Prophecy to a Dominix. It was fun, but the ships still sit in those stations growing patina and doing nothing. Also ships of – so far two – public fleets, I was part of: One Ferox and one Augoror sitting somewhere close to LowSec. Waiting for me to come back and fly them.

In this cases I’m way to lazy to do the logistics, moving them back to a market-hub and sell them. There are courier contracts, yes. But then I think about this stuff as some kind of save investment. In case I loose all my liquid money some day, I still have those assets.

I wonder how other people handle their ingame toys – if even.

By the way: I’m writing this while warping my Sigil to the next waypoint.

Fly safe. o7

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